Vivienne Westwood Fall 2008 PFW

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WHOA whoa! heya new followers *u* I WILL TRY VERY HARD NOT TO DISAPPOINT orz
This sketching style is really fun (draw everything with the lasso select tool and try to draw complex things in one go haha).
I’m so glad you guys liked that first one, here’s a WIP of my second idea still not sure what I’m doing hahah. I accidentally flattened the first image I did yesterday, so I either have to totally redo it, or I was thinking I’d just kind of like make a tryptic of these really shapey block things? IDK IDK it’s getting there?? (why I am going through so much trouble to do this for neopets gosh I just don’t know)


* I’m not an expert so I’m sorry if I ruin you OTL

THIS doesn’t explain as much as I’d have liked it to, but I hope it helps! (I could have just given you guys the brushes I guess, but HAHA I’m LAzyyy; also it helps to put the settings in yourself so you can practice worming your way around the options lol) Anyway, I use very few brushes. sometimes I’ll make a special effect brush for a particular problem, but these 5 usually do the job most of the time. also: Less brushes you have loaded, less lag!

I think maybe I should do a progress tutorial next time I work on something big?? would that help?? I use masks, layer modes, and the selection tools like no tomorrow. If anybody has any more questions I’d be more than happy to answer themmmmm (*‿*✿)

*my sketching brush isn’t included because It’s based off of a brush made by someone else

OH also this guide provides a fantastic way to blend using Photoshop.

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STUDIESsssss! how are butts even real ugh
drawings on the right were drawn from a photo ref, drawings on the left were traced from the photo for comparison after I finished drawing what I thought I was seeing. (because I can’t trust my eyes askdjfjs) I’m trying to eliminate my tendency to squash torsos haha idk what that’s all about lol

a special clue


The Supermoon rises over houses in Olvera, in the southern Spanish province of Cadiz, July 12, 2014. 
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